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Ad Placement and Marketing

We provide marketing campaigns for customers and special guest on Healthy Families First broadcast. As an easy format marketing campaigns come in yearly subscription or 6-month trial periods. Whichever option you choose, you gain exposure with over 70,000 listeners for that time period. Additionally, your audio runs forever with our download option to podcasters. We are on all major platforms: Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, Podomatic, Blurry, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and more.

Alongside; we will send a press release for our listeners online with prime impressions. Last; before you appear on the show, we'll remind our listeners with an email blast back to your landing page. Here's the price breakdown:

Option 1:Show Guest + Banner Ad

  • One- Hour Special Guest Slot
  • Banner Placement on our show page
  • Landing page

Option 1 PLUS: Magazine Ad

  • Prime placement in our magazine. We'll consider not only the section of the publication, but also the page side and editorial proximity.

Option 1 and 2 PLUS: Audio Ad

  • We have partners to assist you in a thirty (30) script, screening and recording. Your commericial will run before, during or after (your choice) our regular synidcated show on 7 podcast platforms.


  • **Ask about social media outlets from our partners.
  • **And for you're a GUN- HO opportunitist we have distriubtion center access with major partners like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Call Camille and inquire about corporate level pricing.